Sunday, September 19, 2010


The store offers two types of coconut candies, one is called ‘bukayo’ and the other is the macapuno candy. The bukayo is made of coconut meat made tasty and sweet with the use of brown sugar. The product is square in size and has 12 small divisions which make the price reasonable enough. The macapuno candy is also made of coconut meat but shredded and is softer than ‘bukayo’. It is packed in a plastic containing 8 pieces each.

Made of dessicated coconut, eggs, milk and other ingredients. This snack is home-made and baked with love. Packed in a white rectangular paper plate with plastic in 15s.

A sweet dessert made with young coconut meat, sugar and some sesame seed or ‘anis’. Unlike other commercialized macapuno, the liquid in our product is made of just a little water to lighten the taste and to emphasize the real flavor of sugar and the fruit. Packed in bottles in one size.

Coconut Jam
Made from the sugar substitute called ‘panucha’ and coconut milk; this delicious jam serves as a flavourful snack, filling and even dessert. Packed in bottles in big and small sizes.

Nata de Coco
Nata,  a spanish word for cream, is a transparent and jelly-like bits of coconut. Made from the cream of coconut that is formed into a cube. The nata de coco can be used for chilled drinks like ‘halo-halo’ or it can be eaten as is for our nata is already sweetened. We also use it for our main offering, the coconut taho. It is paked in bottles of 40g.

Coconut Taho 
The main product of the stall that is made unique due to its ingredients. It is the same with the traditional taho in appearance but it differs totally in taste. Unlike the usual soy taste, the coconut brings a familiar taste with a little twist with the nata de coco fused with sago. The product comes in small and big sized cups with three choices of flavor: classic, pandan and strawberry.